Single family homes Detached family home with garage for sale Germany

Short Overview

Lindenallee 17 in 08134 Wildenfels, Landwirtschaftsfläche, Gebäude- und Freifläche,
eingetragen im Grundbuch von Wildenfels (Amtsgericht Zwickau) Blatt 146.

Large family home on 707QM land. This fabulously property is 130SQM in size, and also sports a garage. Built around 1900 and renovated in 2000. It has since been stripped down once again down to the bare walls ready for the new owner to create a home from this blank canvas. Prices have increased exponentially in the last year, we offer this property at a hugely reduced price.

The roof is in great condition, having been renewed, and the front of the property has UPVC double glazed windows, so two of the largest costs are already dealt with in turning this into the most wonderful family, or holiday home.

The garden is just great.

3 Bedrooms

1 Parking

Features Overview

  • Garden
  • Garage
  • Fire Place
  • Internet


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Octary UG (Germany), Humboldtstraße 13, 08468, Reichenbach im Vogtland

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