Want to sell your property quickly? Overseas Property Ltd is the way forward.

Whether you own a single apartment or an entire apartment block in rural Saxony, a single family home on the outskirts of Leipzig or a hotel in Berlin, we at Octary can promote your property through our extensive network of portals and affiliates. We are a sales company so can sell property quick to those eager to buy.

  • There is no sellers commission (Our commission is added on top of our negotiated ideal sales price as a percentage).
  • We photograph and write the description. We offer high quality photography at no extra cost.

Email and we can start the process. First we will agree a price you will accept should the property sell for, the a contract is signed between both parties to agree on the terms. We require a copy of the ownership documents and any other documents you may have. We will then photograph, then market the property. Once the property sells, you will be advised of the sale, the appointed local notary will then create the purchase and sale documents. Both parties will have their agreements notarised and legalised through the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (UK) or through a regional Germany embassy. An escrow agreement will be created and the buyer will deposit the funds into escrow, this is a safe way to keep both parties protected. Once the terms of the escrow agreement are fulfilled when the property transfer is complete, the funds will be disembursed to the seller and agent, both buyer and seller will be notified of the status.

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