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Short Overview

In the heart of Bel Air California Residential house plot for sale A prestigious address, sold direct by owner. See attached images for design of home that will be suitable for the plot as a whole, subject to planning consent, as standard.

You’ve probably heard of Fresh Prince of Bel Air and The Beverly Hillbillies, well this is where it all happens. To give a sense of how good the location is, check out the distances to these high profile people to the plot.

  • Elon Musk - 4.3 Miles to (Tesla owner) mansion in Chanlon Road
  • Beyoncé - 2.6 Miles in Questa Way
  • Jennifer Aniston - 4.3 Miles
  • Gordon Ramsay - 6.2 Miles
  • Paris Hilton – 1.6 Miles
  • Justin Beiber – 5.4 Miles
  • Bel Air Hotel - 3 Miles

Plot facts: Property Type: Residential Well: To be installed Power: In area Sewage: To be installed

Full grant deed

Size: Approx 5000 sq feet

Location: Basil Lane, Bel Air, Los Angeles, CA 90077

Taxes: Approx $90/year (Higher once the plot is developed). All taxes are paid to date.

Stone Canyon Reservoir is less than 500 Metres down the road. Stone Canyon was used in some pretty major movies and books including the movies "Chinatown", Irvine Wallace's "The Fan Club", and Sunset Express. For those who love Dominos Pizzas, you’ll be pleased to hear that the CEO of Dominos also lives in your neighbourhood. Don Meij, CEO of Dominos Pizzas lives in one of the cheaper houses, he purchased it last year for a mere $20.9M. His new pad is 2.4 Miles by road or less than a Mile as the crow flies.

So, clearly the area is great. Schools are great, crime is low, this is simply a dream location to either develop and flip, or develop and live full time.

You will be wondering "What do my neighbours houses cost then". 2188 Latimer (less than 100 Metres from your plot) has a Zillow estimate of $2,300,800 (Yes, over £2M), that’s well  over £1.5M. Even closer to your plot at about 70 Metres is 10205 Seabury Ln, Los Angeles, valued at $1662,700 which is over £1,200,000. The closest home to your plot, literally a stone’s throw away, has a Zillow estimate of $1,930,500 which is over £1.4M, which incidentally is the price Kayne West paid for his Malibu plot 26 Miles away before developing his plot into a $57.3million (£41.9m) home. As it happens, his plot was smaller than the one on sale to you.

In 20 Minutes you are in Santa Monica Pier. As well as a great place to visit with the family, it’s also starred in a plethora of films (Including the Bean movie, Beverly Hills Cop 3, Cellular, Forrest Gump (Seen running and stopping at Santa Monica Pier, then he runs on), Hancock, Iron Man and many more.), see this link for a list:

This is the last plots available and you get the two together, all others have been sold. If you are interested, don’t sit on the fence, secure your American dream now, because this one is going to be very popular.


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