Single family homes Home for renovation in Konnern

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Property requires renovation, considerable work already carried out for conversion into a family home or letting units. Large family unit, excellent location.

Lot size 168SQM
Living area 90SQM

A great start with this solid building in Konnern.

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Annual events incude the worlds largest goth festival, Leipziger Buchmesse (Google it), the 10 day Bach festival and the Honky Tonk pub fesival, catch the free shuttle bus from pub to pub and you slowly get more and more incapable of normal conversation, even the natives may think you are German as the night advances.

Coordinates of Konnern: 51°40?11?N 11°46?15?E

Konnern itself is an attractive large village on the right bank of the river Salle. Surrounded by flowing green fields, the centre is home to an ancient church, attractive streetscapes and the usual amenities expected of a premium village such as this. The village has a decent hotel "The Goldener Ringer". For general shopping, you have the choice of Aldi, Rewe, Norma or Netto supermarkets (Thats right, 4 supermarkets right here in Konnern). There's also mobile phone shops, clothes retailers, chemists, sports shops (Intersport), book shops and much more.

The plot size of the property is 168SQM, whilst the living space is 90SQM. You are only 300 Metres to the centre of the village. This is not a conservation (Listed) building so you can pretty much do as you wish with it. Water and electric are available. This is a two storey property which also has a courtyard accessable from a close to the size of the property. Remedial work has already been carried out on the kitchen ready for a new floor above it. The property requires renovation, considerable work has already carried out for conversion into a family home or letting units.

3 Bedrooms



Unit A
82 James Carter Road
Mildenhall, Suffolk
IP28 7DE
United Kingdom

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