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Welcome to Brandenburg, Germany, and our latest offering.

In big demand is former railway stations in Germany. As well as being practical (Rail connection literally right to your front door, great passing trade etc), this former ticket office and waiting room is freehold.

A large tract of land comes with the property, this is lightly wooded, great for adding log cabins or simply have a large garden.

Here is why this property should be on your list:

- Its less than 1.5 Hours by car from Berlin's main airport, or less than 2 hours by train (Right to your front door!)

- The town has an airport. Yes its not currently running major flights, but Tui, Lufthansa and Germania use it for flight training. The airport hosts an aviation museum and flight school. The airport was purchased in 2019 by a consortium led by entrepreneur Dietmar Wilke. The plans laid out are to create a new flight school and a maintenance company for aircraft and helicopters, and put the restaurant back into service.

- The town is prosperous and employment levels are high.

- There is plenty to do in town including watching (And participating in) motor racing and football (The town has its own pro football team that flies out from the airport to matches nation wide).

- For the practical, there is a nursery, primary school, community centre (Activities there include crafting afternoons, a library, and sport programs including judo). There is also shops and more.

- The population is rising! From 2016 to 2019, the population has risen. Because of the employment oportunities and commuting distance to nearby towns and cities, the population is expected to rise year on year.

So, a brilliant property in a great location, with a great future. But there is more. Less than 20 Mins by car and you are in Guben. Guben has two sides, one half is in Poland, the other half is in Germany. The only element splitting the two countries is the river Lusatian Neise. On the Germany side you'll find everything from supermarkets to museums and a super modern hospital. Cross the bridge by car or on foot and Polish Guben is much cheaper, plus you'll find there is a Tesco, Macdonalds and supermarkets selling some rather cheap food and alcoholic beverages (You now know where to get the weekly shopping!). One more tip would be to visit the Eurocash cash and carry there.

An excellent location, this will make a great family home, very special AirBNB property or restaurant, great passing trade.


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Property ref 17 (Janschwalde)

3 Bedrooms

1 Bathrooms

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