Single family homes Large villa overlooking forest

Short Overview

Large detached self contained property, freehold. Excellent with water, electric, sewerage. SIts looking across from open countryside, only a few neighbours. North of Bulgaria. Direct sale.

The property has 500SQM land with it. The locaton is just great. Right next door you have a border office, hardly ever manned, there are some other houses in the village. This would be great as a panoramic house overlooking the forest at the other side.

The town of Loznitsa (Razgrad District) is located in North-East Bulgaria and is center of Loznitsa Municipality (16 settlements). It lies at a distance of 36 km south of town of Razgrad. In the region of Loznitza there are archaeological findings of ancient and medieval settlements. As a village is mentioned for the first time in the Ottoman registry book of 1573. The old name was Kubadan and it is known under that name until 1934. Loznica was proclaimed a town in 1974.



Unit A
82 James Carter Road
Mildenhall, Suffolk
IP28 7DE
United Kingdom

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