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Many clients choose to purchase their properties in Germany remotely, or at least complete formalities from the comfort of their home town or village. We offer a remote purchase service whereas you can sign at your local notary. This document is then sent to the foreign and Commonwealth Office for apostille.

The process is below. If you wish us to arrange everything so all you need to do is turn up a the notary appointment that we set, we will pay the notary, we will also arrange for the document to be collected from the notary and sent to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the cost will be 230 Euros inclusive. You can pay below, use ref "Legalisation" without the quotes, the amount is £250.

To cut through the red tape as seen below and utilise our full legalisation assistance service for only £250, Click Here.

Here is the process:

Your document will arrive by email, this should be printed (twice), make yourself familiar with the locations of signature, by both you and the notary. You will need to take a valid passport to authenticate yourself to the notary. You will have discussed the price with the notary, this should be taken in cash or you can usually do bank transfer, but many notaries require cash. A notary will typically cost between £75-£130

  1. Make an appointment with your local notary, call them in advance, set the date.
  2. Take the two copies to the appointment along with your passport, take a pen also.
  3. Sign in front of the notary, you will aso be required to date it and put the location it was signed, the town (City or village)
  4. The notary should authenticate you with your passport, the notary will sign, put their notary stamp, put their name, address, position and that they have authenticated you with your passport. The notary will know all this, however we have known them to forget things. You only need to have one of the documents signed and stamped, the reason you printed two was in case of a mistake on the paperwork.
  5. The notary should now be paid, and you should put the document in an envelope and we are on to the next step.
    1. You should visit this website:
  6. Click on the "Start Now" button.
  7. Choose "Standard Application"
  8. On the next page choose "Check your documents"
  9. Ne next page should show a search box, type in "Power of attorney" without the quotes and select Power of Attorney from the drop down.
  10. Next page under "Power of Attorney" choose "Your original power of attorney" and click on Contiue.
  11. On the next page "Confirm your document format" choose te option "Your original power of attorney"
  12. On the next page "Confirm your document is certified" choose Yes to "Has your document been certified in line with this guidance?"
  13. One the next page fill out all your details, choose you have an email address and input this, click Next
  14. On the next page "Return address details", choose Yes to "Is the return address in the UK?". Put your postcode, and all your address details and click OK.
  15. On the next page "Return address if we can’t legalise your documents" choose "Same as before" and click on "Continue"
  16. On the next page choose how many documents you wish to legalise (1).
  17. On the next page "Sending us your documents" choose "You'll post your documents from the UK" and click Continue.
  18. On the next page choose the first option "Select a delivery method for the return of your documents", The Legalisation Office will arrange for the return of your documents by courier (including to British Forces Post Office) from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays. Click on continue.
  19. On the next page "About your documents" under "Are the documents to be legalised for a British national currently living in an EU Member State (other than the UK)?" choose Yes, then click on Continue.
  20. Next put your name as ref and No to "Can our partner contact you for feedback to help improve this service?", then click on Continue.
  21. On the "Check your answers before paying for your application" page click on Continue.
  22. On the next page "Declaration" click on "Agree".
  23. The next page is the payment page, pay this.
  24. You will receive a confirmation page, print this off.
  25. Get the confirmation page, notarised document into a hard backed envelope (Or a large envelope, cut a cereal packet to get the hard cardboard and insert into the envelope), if possible also put the documents into a waterproof docket.
  26. Take the envelope to the post office, ask them to post this special delivery. Send to the following address: The Legalisation Office Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office P.O. Box 7656 Milton Keynes MK11 9NS United Kingdom
  27. The document will be legalised, then sent back to you. You will by this time have the prompt and address of notary in Germany, you will repackage this up in a new hard backed waterproof envelope, and send it to the address we will have issued to you.

To cut through the red tape and utilise our full legalisation assistance service for only £250, Click Here.

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