With Brexit behind us, many companies are realising that doing work with the rest of Europe is not as easy as Boris Johnson made out.

The promises of smooth trading of products has simply vanished into thin air. Here are just some problems UK companies are having right now: Truckers are spending longer at UK borders to get their products out to Europe. From seafood to precious technology products, the UK exports over £294 BILLION worth of goods to Europe every year. Export certificates, new duty rules and some heavy paperwork is creating major difficulties with British companies.

Having a company based in Europe may be very beneficial to existing UK companies, here's why: When UK businesses are doing business with other EU companies and customers, having an office in the EU now after Brexit has happened could really reduce the amount of Brexit-related paperwork and time spent on it and minimise tariffs, lowering costs significantly. As a European company, it will be easier to hire staff in the European Union, you may also find it easier to move staff to the new office in Germany should the need arrive.

We at Overseas Property Ltd are a British company and we did the same. In order to minimise red tape, to make opening a bank account easier, and to help planners and officials feel more comfortable, we formed a German company. Germany is the powerhouse of Europe. We dont just recommend that the best place to buy property right now is in Germany, we believe that Germany is a great place to run a business from. From low rents to highly qualified staff, the quality of life is excellent and you will feel safe walking anywhere at night, try that in some parts of the UK.

Of course us Brits still love living in the UK, so we can have the best of both worlds, we can stay here, and have our own business, bank accounts, even offices and staff in Germany. Customers in the EU love the fact that they are dealing with another EU company., not a Brexiteer company! At Octary, we can now help you to set up either a UG or GMBH, we charge way less because we use a local lawyer in Germany, who also speaks and types great English, now is the time to set that company up.

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