Remote Bulgaria company formation service

To purchase a property in Bulgaria, you will need a company, this is simply a holding company, and there are many benefits to having one. We can help you set one up remotely.

We will help you ro register a Bulgarian company. The procedure takes a few days. The starting capital of the limited companies is 1 Euro and our formation fee is £500.

If you need to have a Bulgarian company for business or just purchasing a property, we can help you set this up remotely via your local notary and foreign and commonwealth office.

We can now offer annual accounts, and indeed all accountancy services.

Why do I need to open a company?
If you are a NON-EU citizen (British), according the Bulgarian Law, you can not own a property in Bulgaria as a person. But you can purchase a real estate in Bulgaria by registering a Bulgarian limited company.

Company formation is needed if you plan on buying houses, apartments, agricultural land, forests and other plots.

Registering a company in Bulgaria is a smooth and easy process, which has been used by many foreign investors and ex-pats so far and we will help you doing it.

The purchased property will be on your Bulgarian company’s name and you will be the owner of the company and its assets. You don’t need to have a Bulgarian partner or manager of the company – any non Bulgarian citizen(s) can register and own 100% of the shares of a Bulgarian company, which can be used also for trading and business.

You can open a bank account with the company, and set up business in Bulgaria if you wish, taxes are very low, Bulgaria is the surprising place to set up a business, whether or not you are purchasing property there. You may be surprised to know that the team behind Overseas Property Ltd have knowledge of Bulgaria and all the benefits of purchasing there.

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